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Rick's Stamp Web - Contact

About Me

This is a private non-commercial site. I'm a male business consultant in the mid-30s and live in the center of Austria. My business cuts my private life short, besides collecting aged recycling paper I'm much on sports. And if my job should ever throw off enough money again I will continue travelling and enjoy exploring different cultures and people. Which is also the reason for my fascination for exchanging stamps with people from all over the world.
I will send my complete address after we have contacted each other over email and reached agreement.


After several years of trading and swapping I found out that you might divide the trader's characters into three categories:

Contact Me

If you want to contact me please click on the link below. I made some effort to provide you with much information on my offers and trading ideas. On this page I added personal basics. I think it is fair that I ask you to give me a bit more detailed feeling of who you are and what you think can be a common agreement. So please tell me...

Please click here to contact me...

And ... please be patient with me and allow up to 14 days of response and answer time.