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Rick's Stamp Web - My Offers and Wants

The following table contains my main country offer and what I would like to have in advance:

I Offer: Description: My Want:
Denmark commems ~1985-99, definitives, all in used  Please suggest
(commemoratives for commemoratives, semipostals for semipostals, definitives for defins etc.); in most cases the country you are located in
Finland commems ~1985-99, definitives, all in used
Great Britain commems ~1985-99, castles, machins, regionals, all in used
Germany commems, semipostals last 30 year till 99, definitives, all in used (my largest stock), FDCs
GDR commems 80s, definitives, all in CTO 
Ireland fewer commems ~1980-99, definitives, all in used - Out of stock
Japan definitives in used (1960-98)
Netherlands commems + semipostals ~1980-99, definitives, all in used
Norway commems ~1985-99, definitives, all in used 
Sweden commems ~1985-99, definitives, all in used
Switzerland semipostals ~199x, definitives, all in used 
Zimbabwe definitive series, all in used  Other african (definitives) series (except RSA) in postally used good cancellation
Tanzania commem sets and souvenir sheets, all in mint  Commem sets and souvenir sheets in used with clean round cancellations
Austria recent commems ~1990-99, definitives used, FDCs commems for Portugal only !!!!!!!!!
Channel Islands mainly Jersey commems+definitives (+Guernsey & IOM) Only for other small countries or islands (please suggest)
e.g. Caribbean, AAT, Pacific
Malta commems+definitives (only few above letter rate but many many multiple to trade-further), all in used 



Many collectors prefer trading 1 for 1 in packets of say 50 to 150, or they never thought of something different. Others like to receive also something to trade-further to other swap partners. So sometimes there's an agreement of say 30 different with 5 of a kind making up a packet of 150 stamps.

Practically speaking you scarcely have all your tradables in the same precise multiple of e.g. five. There may be some items you have hundreds of a kind, others where you only have just a few or only one or two available for trade. Coming back to the example before your trading partner would never see any stamp of which you had less than five available.

As a consequence I can suggest the following:

Transcontinental exchange

If you should live in a different geographical region than Europe we can also find an agreement on a transcontinental exchange. Means that we could trade e.g. Asia-Pacific or (Southern) Africa for Europe (smaller countries for smaller countries, more common for more common and the like), of course with certain limitations if we wish. And again 1 for 1 or multiple-to-multiple. I'm very open and interested for a transcontinental exchange.