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Rick's Stamp Web - SSSP : Souvenir sheets & Semipostals Program II

Attention : items with ATS denominations are no more valid after 30th June 2002 !!!

Besides better values it's always the souvenir sheets and semipostals (postally used with clean round cancelation) that are missing in a quality used collection. In used these are quite scarce also here in the original country.

Click here to see some samples received from my trading partners...

So I'd like to invite you to the agreement to use souvenir sheets and semipostals for postage. It is not a must for you, but I answer those traders who care for quality postage with higher priority than those who don't. 

Like with the material inside your letter I give my best to answer with same value and quality. Additionally I do not throw my letters to you into the next post box but visit local post office and care that they cancel my letter cleanly and philatelistically.

You might be located in a country where postal services do not issue souvenir sheets. In this case I will also accept booklet panes, blocks or strips. Sheets on FDCs are also welcome, please do not send souvenir sheets in mint.

You might also live in a location where postal service is a little bit uncertain. We can agree on registration and larger packages so postage pays off. Again souvenir sheets are a proper means for postage in this case.

So please think twice before just hitting the next best definitive on your envelope...

Please note that I am NOT trading those Austrian souvenir sheets or semipostals in mint! They are purely meant for being used as postage!
Until 30th June 2002 I could choose from many different sheets issued by the Austrian postal authority in the past 30 years. Unfortunately from now on only Euro denomination stamps and sheets are valid here, so I have only two possibilities to answer until the next sheet will be available after 30th September 2002.
(click on the symbol images to see a larger picture...) One sheet has a total denomination of 3.32 Euro. If you want that I'd expect similar face value. Second choice is a part of this year's semipostal mini sheet. Face value of the whole sheet would be 12 Euro, which is definitely to much for a normal letter, but you can have any strip or block as part of it.