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Rick's Stamp Web - GRO : Get-rid-of Program

The Idea

Each of us knows this situation : after over 60 years of collecting stamps you have finally specialized on the topic 'Refrigerators on iceland stamps' and somehow time made it happen that you gathered a stock of some 4000 lithuanian souvenir sheets and 2000 further albanian FDCs from the 1920s which absolutely do not fit in any part of your collections any more. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

So what to do with it? My suggestion is that if you spread huge amounts of certain stamps or items amongst several collectors with similar problems and trade further what you received in return it could be a procedure with all winners. This could be stamps completely out of demand in your own country, but requested in other parts of this world.

Or simply speeking : You have 150 more or less complete sets of a certain definitive or commem series. You feel that you own at least 148 sets more than necessary. You find an interesting offer in my GRO program. And we might agree on a trade of let's say 30 of your sets against say some 40 sets of that position in my GRO Program at approximately the same value (or to be precise : I always try my best to answer with same or more value). After the trade I will trade further 29 of the sets I received of you and I suppose you will do the same. Does this sound helpful to you?

My Offers in the GRO Program (click on links to see details)

Position: Position:
1 Bulgaria domestic animals used 11 San Marino commems used
2 GDR buildings small used 12 Monaco commems/tax used
3 GDR air mail used 13 and more to come soon...
4 Great Britain high denomination machins used 14  
5 Korea DPR animals used 15  
6 Zimbabwe definitive series used 16  
7 US seashell series used 17  
8 US flags 22c used 18  
9 Cuba flowers used 19  
10 Germany high denomination defins used 20